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Methamphetamine or commonly called as meth has been causing extreme destruction to anyone who uses or abuse the use of it. On top of its psychological and behavioral effects, it can as well significantly change your physical look.

Are you starting to notice some sports forming on your face, I guess you begin asking yourself: does meth cause acne? Well, in this article, I will be sharing with you the main reasons why you’ve been breaking out lately as you are using meth.

How Does Meth Cause Acne to Breakout

Have you noticed how people who abusively use meth tend to look so old? In fact, they seem to age really quickly every day. Well, study shows that just one to two years of meth abuse can lead to your skin forming deep wrinkles, badly sagging it and can even result in the formation of many blemishes.

But the most common effect of meth on the skin is the acne lesions. Since acne can be easily noticed and are so obvious, it’s no wonder why a lot of people have been linking meth to acne breakouts.

Here are some of the answers on how does meth cause acne.

1. Meth is dehydrating your system.

People who use meth, especially those who binge with the substance, don’t feel the need to drink as much water as people who don’t take meth. This is why their skin tends to get very dry and dehydrated. But the problem is, when our skin gets so dry, it will do its best attempt at stopping more loss of fluid by shrinking the size of the pres. The smaller your pores get, the easier it gets clogged and irritated.

Imagine all the dirt, sweat and oil getting trapped in your pores! It will absolutely trigger your body’s inflammatory response, and then acne happens.

Furthermore, a person who uses meth also has higher body temperature. This means that they sweat more than they normally do, making them even more dehydrated.

2. Meth users tend to develop a habit of picking their skin

Among the common experience of meth users is the feeling of insects crawling beneath their skin. This is why they tend to hardly and deeply scratch their skin. Some even obsessively pick their skin until it becomes wounds similar to acne. And for those existing acne, obviously, they will get worse. Acne will turn black and will end up in deep bumpy scars. 

Since this is a form of impulse and obsession, meth users will have so much difficulty controlling this habit. It’s one of the psychological effects caused by meth and is referred to as formication.

3. Your body will lack the proper nutrition

While a person is on meth, they will suffer from poor appetite. The substance doesn’t make you feel the need to eat, you will even stop craving for your favorite foods. Some meth users even report going for days without eating anything that is nutritions.

This is one of the reasons why meth users are seen losing weight at a fast rate. Since your body is already deprived of the vitamins and nutrients you need, your skin will apparently suffer the consequences. Your skin will start looking dull, inelastic and lackluster.

4. Meth will damage your ability to heal.

Since you are now undernourished, your immune system will also be badly affected. Your will body will now have a poor capability of identifying harmful microorganisms and will have a hard time defending your system against infection.

As the time goes by, your blood tissues and vessels will be damaged. You will no longer have enough blood supply; the ability of your body to self-repair will be critically weakened.

5. Meth will stop you from taking care of yourself well.

Apparently, developing poor hygiene is one of the psychological effects of using meth. And we absolutely need proper skin hygiene to avoid breakout and to achieve great skin.

If you have poor hygiene, you won’t be able to clean your skin from sweat, dirt, and oil that can possibly get clogged into your pores. The longer these acne culprits stay in your pores, the more your skin will break out. And unfortunately, this will become an endless cycle of acne breaking out and scabs forming on your skin.

6. You are not getting the right amount of sleep.

We all know how overwhelming the effects of meth can be that it often makes you stay awake even for a number of days. However, if our body doesn’t get the proper sleep it needs, it will go through the state of stress since there is no longer enough time to heal or rest. Your body’s inflammatory response will absolutely be triggered leading to the release of quite a lot of stress hormones – and this includes cortisol. 

When there’s so much cortisol in your system, your body’s oil glands will produce unnecessary sebum. Of course, we know exactly what excessive oil can do to your skin.

Furthermore, lack of sleep is also one of the reasons why your blood sugar level tends to increase, including your insulin resistance, which can also significantly affect your body’s oil glands and triggers it to produce unwanted sebum.

Final Thought

Meth is just like any other abused drug, it comes with plenty of side effects. It is similar to how weed causes acne too! It does not only affect the way you think and how you feel, but it can also affect how you look.

It is quite alarming how it can sag and wrinkle your skin and how you can possibly end up with plenty of ugly acne scars that would be very difficult to get rid of. Now that you know how does meth cause acne, I hope you will do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care. There’s no better way of getting your skin back to normal than quitting meth abuse as early as possible.

So, what are the steps are you going to take to help you avoid acne? Share them with me and to your fellow readers by leaving something in the comment section below!

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